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The Crow Turquoise 95cm Cotton Lycra Remnant

The Crow Turquoise 95cm Cotton Lycra Remnant

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95cm x 1.48 Wide Cotton Canvas Remnant

If you are placing an order for fabrics in stock and preorders, please be aware that they will be shipped once the preorder arrives as a complete order, if you would like your stock fabrics earlier then please pop through 2 separate orders.

 The standard square cushion and new born baby images are a guide for you to understand the scale of the fabric when you make it up. 

Whilst it isn't necessary to prewash you fabric before use, please note that if you frequently use a clothes dryer or wash in warm or hot water it is a good idea to wash and clothes dryer your fabrics prior to manufacturing your items. Use of a clothes dryer or warm/hot water washing may initiate shrinkage of up to 10% on some fabrics.

Small slubs which appear as white spots may appear in your fabric occasionally, slubs will appear more frequently in natural bases such as cotton woven and particularly cotton canvas with a consistent coloured base. Slubs in woven fabrics are not considered a flaw.

Colours will vary differently on different devices, please take colour variations into consideration when you are ordering your beautiful designs from us.

Fabrics are measured and cut by hand, there may be variance of up to 2cm per cut.

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